It seems not so long ago that online bingo was launched, specifically 20 years ago. The first ever internet game, known as the Bingo Zone, debuted in 1996 in the United Kingdom. Bingo in the UK is a little bit different as the player uses 3 x 9 tickets, instead of cards. The game is also done by announcing numbers from 1 to 90. In the United States and Canada, the familiar 5 x 5 cards are used in 75-ball Ingo. This version was made famous in 1929 by Edwin Lowe, a toymaker. The game was based on the same one known as Beano, where the players utilize dried beans as labels.


Fittingly enough, both types of bingo can be played on our blog website. The European-styled Bingo permits you to purchase of up to a hundred tickets at once. You can also pick to draw 45, 55, or 65 balls every game. The fewer balls you draw, the bigger your payout. After selecting your stake size and purchasing your tickets, your computer will do the rest. With the American version of Bingo, you can buy up to hunred cards and draw 35, 45, or 55 game balls. Bird Casino Blog also has 3-Ball Bingo and 80-Ball Bingo.